16yo me would be proud of where I'm at today

16year old me would be so proud, cos she was the first one to believe that one day I'd own and run my own business. Now at 37 I can actually say I'm doing it, and let me just say it might just be one of the most craziest ideas I've ever had.

Anyway let's get into it cos I've got a bit to say. Firstly I'm Kylie owner, CEO, operations, logistics & IT manager.

Over the last year I've gradually established a product line & brand known as Pieces of Piawai. I started with 2 products that didn't go together but somehow I fused it into a line of over 60 personal care products

In April 22 I made some adjustments to my product lines and refined the range down to just hair and dread care & 2022 was my first year of seeing all the nitty gritty bits of business analytics. It was a loss for me this year financially but I learned so much about running a business and was able to take all this knowledge to do better.

After a few months of trial and errors I've finally come to a point where I need to put things in place across the board in order for me to expand this business.

I'm just little me making things in my kitchen but the demand out there says I need a space to call my place of business so over the next few weeks I'll be making some changes to my stock which will also see prices increase to reflect the costs involved to produce these products as well as my labor cos for over a year now I've basically been selling products at prices that barely get me the ingredients needed. I'm not lessening the quality of what I use to make this change but I'm also not asking for your soul.

I appreciate every single one of you who've been here to support and follow my journey, my customers who've kept the fire to my passion burning & my family for pulling my head in and holding me when I've needed cos it's not been an easy job. A special shout with extra gratitude goes to my darling & our son who've seen the pain and struggles I've endured along the way many a times I was ready to throw the towel in but my babe was ready to catch me as I fell and pick me back up again then kick my ass and as much as I hated it I love him for loving me enough to pull me out of these dark places I get myself into.

Business ain't for everyone but it sure is worth it when you've come through the obstacles that came to push you back down.

I came to slay this shit and I'm doing it. Let's go

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