There are tons of products on the market that are meant for styling your hair. Serums, oils, waxes, gels and conditioning masks are some of the essentials that can tame your strands in the best way possible.

A hair serum delivers a natural lustre to your hair while adding softness and moisture to the hair strands. It leaves behind a healthy touch and protects the hair from other impurities.

It is often brought to style the hair while giving it a glossy appearance coating the hair strand with an ingredient called silicone which helps to smooth frizzy hair and greatly improves the appearance.

Hair oils play an important role in protecting hair from regular wear and tear, using oils regularly helps to keep your scalp moisturised, strengthen your hair as well as improve the elasticity in your hair which can reduce breakage.

Hair wax adds a layer of wax onto the hair that tames the strands and smooths your hair. It gives a shiny appearance and enhances the volume of your hair. Waxes are humectants that draw moisture into your hair shafts it acts like a sealant that keeps all the goodness in. Overuse can cause build up so make sure to wash your hair with a good natural shampoo or use a rinse such as apple cider vinegar & distilled water.

Hair gel is basically used to set your hair in a specific style, typically while your hair is damp or wet. It works almost like a sticky glue to hold your hair in the style that you want while you dry it. Gel is a huge no-no for those making a conscious effort to have healthier hair habits because we all know using gel causes flaking, destroys curl patterns and creates breakage especially if you're using a gel that has been formulated with alcohol.

When we use products in our hair we need to be mindful of the harsh chemicals we are using. Aiming to use a natural alternative is not only good for you but it is also good for the earth. The other benefit of using natural products is you can pronounce the ingredients and know exactly what they are. Health & Beauty need not be about what scientific mix you can find to cure your woes when nature already has.

When I set out to create a hair care line I wanted products that would help my hair to feel soft and clean without all the frizz I have known all my life. I have long thick and curly hair that is prone to breakage and frizzy ends. I don't use a lot of products and don't colour my hair but I am guilty of not brushing it daily and exposing it to environments that cause natural damage such as sun exposure and smoking. My hair when not kept can become dry and unmanageable and this is usually why I tie it up in a bun and leave it. Not a great idea considering it just naturally weaves itself into a matted knotty mess.

I’ve used lots of different products all of which have had their benefits some of my favourites were serums, oils, and deep conditioning masks. All of these products have shown promise but what I didn't like was seeing how all the goodness was diluted into a mixture of silicones water and alcohol so I decided to research the ingredients and one by one removed the unnecessary ones and found better alternatives. My hair care products are made of natural and quality ingredients that nourish my hair and scalp without removing the essential natural oils my body produces. To date, I've made some pretty amazing hair products but my favourite is the defining styling gel made from flaxseed & guar gum check it out in the video.

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