Health or Wealth

With the arrival of covid and the many impactful shifts we have seen in our world, people have taken on the misconceptions of a created view. A view that has been imposed and fortified by capital gain. In today's society people are now afraid to speak, think, and interact. Natural liberties have been tampered by propoganda that has been conceptually binded by a governed-mental state. Like infants people everywhere are forgetting the moral compass of one's self and have in fact become a dependant generation of technologically inclined species. Focused on putting effort into destruction instead of reproduction. There is an evident decline in many areas of our standard of life. Health is at the forefront with disease and illness becoming more prevalent. Pharmaceutical companies are mass producing synthetic products many of us rely on to get through life. In my opinion health isn't about being medicated and having access to a plethora of chemicals and concoctions nor is it even about medical procedures and the ways in which we fix a body but that is what most contextualize when they think of health. In my opinion the above things relate more to wealth and product creation the reasons we see it as health is because that is what's advertised to us. Nutrition and health go hand in hand nutrition is majorly factored around food and plants. Nutrition is teaching humans how to nourish their body naturally. Our earth did not provide for us to recreate her goodness yet here we are forgetting the main ingredient of life. Our world and her surroundings. The rates at which our world and it's species are declining can only be contributed to human error. Our wants and needs to have the accessibility of convenience has lead us to become less aware of the impacts and effects of our actions as people of this world. A world we all share but we cannot collectively care. Where I come from colonisation was the leading factor to the changes that have impacted my nation and it's land. This I can confidently say would be the case in many lands across the globe. Indigenous knowledge and practice has for centuries proven to out last and out do colonial systems yet they are the very things most indigenous people uphold, fight against, and get stuck in. It's easy to see how and why when society has been moulded to suit a specific way of life. Being born, growing up, schooling, working on a career, marrying, having a family and paying tax are just some of lifes certainties that are traditionally structured by way of design. There are very few who go against this design and it is those innovators who become the change makers. If we continue to follow narratives we will never be able to tell our own story and with what's going on today it is becoming evidently harder to assert ourselves in our own natural right and the new conditions that we face in society are being adopted and accepted more widely. Soon enough being a free man or woman with right to choice will be a punishable offence.

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