Keratins Explained

Hair is mostly made of Keratin proteins and amino acids that form a string of cells to create the stuff we see on our scalps and body.

Keratins are part of a large whanau of proteins known for their fibrous structure. You can find them in the internal tracts of your hair playing a critical part in the overall health of your crowning glory by providing structural integrity to your hairs system.

Without Keratins and the work they do our hair becomes weak and brittle, and without the support of their surrounding networks the Keratin whanau can also be weakened or worse wiped out.

As we know every whanau has a cell lineage known as DNA, Keratins are dependent upon the composition, type and unique order in which their amino acids are linked together with keratin proteins much like DNA

These factors determine the overall shape and strength of a protein molecule which is essentially your hair type.

These molecules are called bonds which act like roads that the Keratins use to keep their network connected and functioning. In chemistry we call them hydrogen, sodium & disulfides and they form the structure of our hair.

Much like our roads we need them to get to work, but sometimes we have road issues such a closures due to damage or even weather conditions these things hinder access to important parts of our network and often become a roadblock that we need to fix.

In order to manipulate the structure of this network we must break the bonds within our hair to cause a change, we can do this with water, heat styling or more permanent procedures such as chemically based treatments.

Our products have been designed with a balance of natural ingredients that support the inner workings of your hair. Rather than work against nature's course we took it and found ways to understand hair better.

It's important to look after our Keratin whanau and their community structure so that they are able to provide us with glorious locs and tresses.

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