Reset Refocus & Readjust as many times as you need to

If every journey had a smooth and straight path then there would be nowhere to adventure.

I like to view the obstacle's in life as stones that are dropped along the way and as I journey through the different experiences of life's ups and downs I am able to use these stones to create a pathway to everything I can imagine.

Sometimes I reach what I call a rock wall which is essentially an obstacle and I'm just uncertain of how to remove the boundary of it being on my path so rather than get frustrated and annoyed with something I cannot change I find ways to understand why it might be here or what else could I do with this rock?

This training of my thoughts is what helps me to strategize my own plans and process of overcoming the rocks I face and turning them into pieces of my path because I don't believe that hardships are meant to be hard.

Some of the stones I collect I use them instantly these are often "negatives" like things I feel may hinder my journey so rather than let it play it's part I re-place it onto my path as a part that has been walked already that way it's not adding weight to what I am already carrying.

Other's I hold on to and place them in a specific part of my path these stones were held onto until I had found it's reason and place along the way because even when your paving your own pathway you need to go off track for a little adventure.

xx Te Puhi o Piawai

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